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A Statement of Support for LGBTQ Christians

Written by parishioner Meg Hughes and signed by a large number of parishioners.
To the Most Reverend Bishop Michael Curry:

St. George’s Church in Schenectady is a welcoming community where participation in Christian worship is available to all, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. Along with the other churches of the Albany Episcopal Diocese, St. George’s was notified by Bishop William Love on November 11, 2018 that the same-sex marriage rites (“Resolution B012”) approved by the National Episcopal Church for trial use beginning on the first Sunday in Advent (December 2, 2018) would under no circumstances be permitted within the Diocese of Albany.

We regret that Bishop Love has singled out our diocese in this fashion. Resolution B012 in no way compels any clergy person to officiate unwillingly at a same-sex marriage, and any bishop who is uncomfortable allowing such a ceremony in his or her diocese would be allowed to have a visiting bishop from another diocese assume oversight for such rites as appropriate. Resolution B012 spells out these compromises, reached at the Church’s 79th General Convention earlier this year.

Even more damaging than Bishop Love’s failure to comply with Resolution B012, however, has been the language he used in his eight-page statement issued November 11. Although he nominally professes his desire to serve all faithful Christians, he also states that those in the Episcopal Church willing to minister to LGBTQ parishioners “have been deceived into believing a lie that has been planted in the Church by the ‘great deceiver’ – Satan.”

According to Bishop Love, “The Episcopal Church and Western Society have been hijacked by the ‘Gay Rights Agenda’ which is very well organized, very strategic, very well financed, and very powerful. Satan is having a heyday bringing division into the Church over these issues and is trying to use the Church to hurt and destroy the very ones we love and care about by deceiving the leadership of the Church into creating ways for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters to embrace their sexual desires rather than to repent and seek God’s love and healing grace. B012 plays right into this.”

We the undersigned members, attendees, friends, and staff of St. George’s Church reject Bishop Love’s hurtful words and harshly judgmental stance. We believe all in our world need healing, grace, and greater harmony, not deeper division, repression, and discrimination.

We treasure the Episcopal Church and assert that Bishop Love has fallen out of step with its core values of inclusivity and reason. Homosexuality has been objectively determined to be a normal human variation, not a choice, not evil, and not a sin. If there is indeed a Gay Rights Agenda, it is solely an effort by LGBTQ people to achieve basic civil rights, human dignity, and respect within their chosen places of worship. LGBTQ citizens will always be welcomed at St. George’s Church and treated with love and respect. Thank you for the opportunity to issue this statement of support from our small corner of the Albany Diocese.


St. George's Day

Welcome to St. George’s Episcopal Church, an historic and vibrant Christian Community situated in the Stockade district of Schenectady, that was founded in 1735.

We are a Colonial parish that predates the American Revolution.  While proud of our heritage, this is an active place of worship and Christian community.  Our worship, in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, shares the love of Christ and the fullness of the Christian faith through word and deed.

Sunday services start with Morning Prayer at 9:30 a.m. followed is followed by Solemn Choral Rite I Mass at 10:00 a.m. Major Feasts which fall during the week are marked with a 7:00 p.m. celebration of Holy Eucharist with hymns.

Worship is also practiced virtually every day of the week.  Please visit the Calendar page of this website and select the most current bulletin (near the top of the Calendar page) for a full listing of services for the coming week. 

Here at Saint George’s we are committed to ongoing education and growth in the Christian faith for both young and old. Sunday School is offered for young children during our 10 a.m. Sunday Mass, upstairs in the Great Hall. Children are given an age appropriate instruction in the Holy Scriptures and join their families in the Church for the celebration of Holy Communion.

Bible Study is offered most Sundays at 9:00 a.m. (see the weekly bulletin on the Calendar page for details). 

We hope you will consider joining us for worship or at one of our many other events. St. George’s strives to be a place where all people, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey, feel welcome and experience the unconditional love of our savior Jesus Christ.


Come and visit Historic St. George's Episcopal Church, the miracle on North Ferry Street in the Stockade District of Schenectady, New York.