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Don't Go To Church, Be the Church


A model of Ministry for St George’s

At St George’s Church here in Schenectady we are trying hard to identify in our everyday life and faith the essence of ministry for all our baptized members. The Anglican Consultative Council back in 1995 spoke of the ministry of the whole body of Christ as rooted in the “one ministry of Jesus Christ in which all Christians participate by virtue of their baptism.” The document goes on to explain: “This ministry of the baptized is the fundamental ministry of the Church, with the function of ordained ministry being to serve, equip and enable this ministry to take place. If the ministry of the baptized is to be Christian where they live, then it follows that this is chiefly not sanctuary or churchly ministry, but rather a matter of being a Christian parent, employee, employer, unemployed person, (voter, neighbor, friend) with integrity. We need to help people to find out how to exercise these world-focused ministries. The pattern for us all remains Jesus Christ who had a world-focused ministry.  … the ministry of the whole body come(s) first (not that baptismal ministry is derived from ordained ministry).”

“The purpose of ministry:

  • To promote the unity of the whole church (One);
  • To foster its sanctification (Holy);
  • To keep the Church focused on its universal mission (Catholic)
  • And to ensure that it remains apostolic, that is, sent with the same message as the apostles. “


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